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i am so so so so so so so so s o passionate about music it is honestly my very favorite thing on this entire earth it makes me so undeniably happy and excited how can you just not love it with your entire being

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Miami Man Arrested 258 Times Target Of Cop Harassment?

Miami Gardens man Earl Sampson (pictured) has one of the most-extensive rap sheets in the state of Florida, after getting arrested a whopping 258 times over a four-year period. While all of Sampson’s offenses have been nonviolent, one curious portion of his record stands out: he has been arrested 62 times for trespassing at a store he actually works inAs noted by the Miami Herald, just about every citation that Sampson received for trespassing has occurred from him attempting to enter the 207 Quickstop convenience store, his place of employment. The arrests have baffled store owner Alex Saleh, who has taken matters in to his own hands.

Saleh, 36, installed 15 cameras in and around his store, after witnessing the Miami Gardens police force stop and frisk mostly Black and poor citizens attempting to enter the store. According to the report, some patrons received as many as three citations a day for minor violations, including Sampson.

Since June of 2012, Saleh has been filming activity outside his store, which has never been robbed, and his cameras caught the cops in action several times during their shakedowns. Saleh believes that there is a lack of safety because police are abusing their authority and harassing individuals for the sake of it. Although Miami Garden Police Chief Matthew Boyd issued a brief statement, saying his force is committed to protecting citizens and business, a local civil rights leader thinks otherwise.

“Where is the police chief in all this? In a police department in a city this size, this kind of behavior could not escape his attention,” said Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union Florida.

Boyd added, “Doesn’t the City Commission know that they are exposing the city to either massive liability for civil rights violations? Either that, or they are going to wake up one day and find the U.S. Department of Justice has taken over its police department.’’

Saleh, using evidence from his store, is crafting a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city, alleging that leaders have secretly instructed cops to perform racial profiling and the illegal stop and frisk procedures.

Saleh also said the police often use racial slurs and other insults toward his customers, and have even tried to bully him as well.

“Police line them up and tell them to put their hands against the wall. I started asking myself, Is this normal? I just kept thinking police can’t do this,’’ Saleh said.

Saleh, a native of Venezuela who is of Palestinian descent, said that he thinks of his customers as family and has become a fixture in the neighborhood. Despite its infamy, crime in Miami Gardens is reportedly down, although some violence still occurs.

Sampson, who has been stopped at least once per week over four years, thinks the excessive stops by police are adding to the rise in other serious crimes.

“We have people shooting, killing, robberies. This is really ridiculous that they spend so much time arresting people for trespassing,” Sampson said.

The Miami Gardens police have yet to publicly respond to Saleh’s allegations and lawsuit.

Attention black people get the fuck out of Florida. Oh yeah I almost forgot Fuck Florida.

"He’s the same man. Always."

anonymous asked you: ten or eleven?

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me at my concert

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i sometimes enjoy taking selfies like i’m a lion confused by cameras

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Realgar, Pyrite and Quartz

Paloma, Peru


Native silver from:

1.) Himmelsfurst Mine, Freiberg District, Saxony, Germany (6 x 5 x 2.5 cm).
2.) Tongbai County, Nanyang Prefecture, Henan Province, China (4.3 x 5 x 1.4 cm).
3.) Himmelsfürst Mine, Freiberg District, Saxony, Germany (8 x 6.4 x 5 cm).

(source: 1. Crystal Classics, 2. and 3. The Mineral Gallery)

He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of all the Fellowship.


this gender non-conforming person was told to take off their makeup for their driver’s license photo, as it would apparently constitute ‘a disguise’. how many millions of cis women have worn makeup in their driver’s license and passport photos and yet aren’t told to take their makeup off? not to mention the fact that even if the no makeup thing was even an actual rule, it clearly doesn’t constitute a disguise since they look incredibly similar in both photos. if their makeup was less obvious, e.g. just foundation and very subtle contouring, the DMV worker probably wouldn’t even have noticed.

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